1964 Thunderbird

For 1964 the look is new - yet the look is so typically Thunderbird. The ideas are those you’ve come to expect of the innovator, Thunderbird. The jet-age cockpit and flight deck instrument panel are hints of the trend-setting ideas you’ll find in Thunderbird for 1964. A new concept in car ventilation...totally new seating comfort...new convenience and luxury. Sure to be copied, this car remains as always... unique in all the world.

So different...so beautifully different!

Thunderbird 64

Flight-Deck Instrument Panel

Instrumentation, controls, have jet-age efficiency and style. Swing-Away Steering Wheel with padded hub is but one example of the luxury equipment which comes standard on every Thunderbird. .
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1964 Thunderbird Reclining Seat with Headrest 1964 Thunderbird Reclining Seat with Headrest
Happening now...live from Dearborn the 1964 Thunderbird web cam is at the scene of the introductory event. Don’t miss it!